CRANKED Watts Linkage arms & 4″ Shock Relocation Kit

CRANKED Watts Linkage arms & 4″ Shock Relocation Kit



KSSFabs cranked Watts linkage arms & 4inch Shock relocators
Achieve a more unrestricted rear axle articulation with these cranked arms.
With lifted suspension, by springs or blocks, the lower watts arm sits at an abnormal angle, this causes the lower arm to contact the centre bracket when flexing and limits the amount of travel available at full extension.
These are exceptionally heavy duty, tested to over 3 tonne and overcome this issue, both arms are modified to avoid contacting the centre bracket and relieving excess stresses on the bushings.
Important note, these should not be fully tightened up until the car is on the ground at resting height, weight on wheels. This will help avoid premature wear of the rubber bushings. (As with most suspension bushes, best practice is to tighten at resting height with weight on ground)
Even out the extension / compression ratio of your rear shocks with our 4inch shock relocators.
When using lift blocks or extended springs, the rear shocks lose extension and gain 2 inches of unusable compression which makes the car drive like a pig. Often sounding like the world is going to end when going over a pothole in the road as the shocker reaches full extension or feeling unsafe when making corrections in steering causing sway
These relocation kits are designed to correct these problems.

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